Online Classes in
English and Russian

Our Learning Paths

English A1-A2

Learn English from scratch.

80-120 hours | from €5/hour

English B1-B2

Advance your grammar.

120-160 hours | from €5/hour

English Intensive

Prepare for exams and speak fluently.

120-180 hours | from €5/hour

Russian A1-A2

Learn the basics of Russian grammar.

100-120 hours | from €5/hour

Russian B1-B2

Start speaking and writing.

180-240 hours | from €5/hour

Russian Intensive

Write and speak like a native.

240-260 hours | from €5/hour

Hi! I’m Artem. Welcome to my online classes! 

With over 3 years of private tutoring experience, I helped several dozen students succeed in their language studies. My language courses are written using two essential elements, unconditional love to learn and a great passion to share my knowledge with others. In my classes, I talk about Russian and American culture, their traditions, and important aspects of everyday life. You will learn how to write and speak a new language, understand how Russians and Americans live and what they do in their spare time. Having experience of living in both countries, I am confident, you will get first-hand objective knowledge from me.

Highly Individual Classes

I always make sure my online classes are structured according to the needs and preferences of each individual student.

First Lesson Deal

If you are not satisfied with our first class, you do not have to pay for it.

Occasional Free Classes

I love making people happy! That's why I gift free online classes for your birthday and Christmas.

Choose Your Path

Individually or in a group, choose what best fits your needs.