About Langround

Welcome to my language classes!

Looking for a language tutor? Hi! I’m Artem. With over three years of private tutoring experience, I helped over a dozen students succeed in their language studies. From elementary school children to adults, I taught my students using books, open-source materials, and carefully crafted presentations. My language courses are written using two essential elements, unconditional love to learn and a great passion to share my knowledge with others.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism & Mass Communication. I have also completed two minors, in Film Studies and Modern Languages and Cultures with a concentration in the Bulgarian language. Upon the completion of my Higher Education in 2019, I seriously considered the option of teaching because I love meeting new people and sharing my knowledge with them.

As for my own experience with languages, it goes back to the middle school years. I hated grammar! It always seemed so complicated, and unfortunately, none of my school teachers instilled that love in me to learn languages. It had always been about the assignments, good grades, and cramming until I attended my first private class with a language tutor in English, when I was 14. She helped me discover a beautiful world of languages through various creative assignments and her wonderful sense of humor. Her lessons have built a solid base for my teaching methods.

I started teaching back in 2014. My first students were American, and I gave a few lessons for free as part of my volunteering project.

Clark Fork High School, Idaho, USA. February, 2014.